About National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) is the premier and most recognized non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in television.

The Academy awards the EMMY®, the most prestigious, peer-judged honor in television for outstanding creative achievement. Its International Council gives EMMY's® for foreign television.

ATAS (Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) founded 1946 in Los Angeles; San Francisco was the first chapter chartered, November 30, 1949.

NATAS (The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) was formed in 1957. The Academy now serves all the television markets in the United States through its 20 chapters. The San Francisco/Northern California Chapter joining on October 6, 1961. Now one of the largest chapters, it represents California markets from Visalia to the Oregon border, Hawaii, and Reno, Nevada.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP is a privilege extended to those actively engaged in television who make direct contributions to the industry such as executives, producers, performers, announcers, newscasters, technicians, writers, directors, artists, designers, photographers, and editors, among others. Professional (voting) members must have been engaged in the profession of television for at least one year to be approved by the Membership Committee.

Professional members work in the television community: 
* at broadcast stations, 
* at cable and satellite companies, 
* as independent television producers and consultants, 
* in academic communications departments, 
* as marketing specialists, 
* as performers or in creative crafts positions.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is offered to those who are interested in and support the advancement of television but cannot be classified in the designated professional categories.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP is offered to those who are enrolled in accredited telecommunications courses at area colleges or universities.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP honors Chapter Presidents at the completion of their term of office.

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